Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls.

We are always looking for lovely, single ladies to hook up with our clients! Our newest client is Tampa-based, but Dallas raised! He is Ivey league educated, attractive, TALL, (6'4), and incredibly old fashioned! He wants a girl who is petite, outgoing and looking for a Southern GENTLEMAN! If this is you, please email me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at LittleMsMatchmaker@gmail.com so I can hook you up with our latest millionaire bachelor, who we are calling "Mr. Dallas".

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally Back From A Blogging Sabbatical!

Check out our website! Focusing on the Tampa and South Florida markets, we have the perfect partner for you. :)


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Love Guru Release Party Tomorrow In Miami.

Come see me! :)

Email From An Ex In NYC This Morning.

“The Government’s effort to boost consumer spending looks a bit like the New York dating scene: expensive and not yielding very lasting results.”

- Karen Richardson
The Wall Street Journal


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Say Wha? I Think I'm Turning Into A Guy.

HFM is seriously crazy. Like legit crazy. He texted me again yesterday to which I replied "If we aren't still together, why are you still texting me?" To which he replied with- a phone call. Out of sheer annoyance I answered and calmly explained to him that I see no reason for us to communicate, not that I have a problem with him, but honestly...I have enough "friends", I certainly don't need any more, especially not any that used to be my boyfriend. He still doesn't seem to get it, as he texted me "I hope you feel better, Goodnight." After I told him exactly how I felt.

Speaking of guys, I think I've turned into one. I have never been more "whatever" in my entire life. I really look inside my head and can't believe it's still me in there, because suddenly the thinking in there just doesn't match the thinking that used to be there. It just seems too easy. I don't worry about anything remotely having to do with dating or the opposite sex. Maybe leaving the city made me less crazy. Or maybe getting away from Ivy and HFM made me more chill... Whatever the case I am becoming less "New York" and less neurotic every day... And this is scary... Even for me...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When It's Over, It's Over.

At least this is the way I've always felt... So why does it seem like even when this is the case, after breaking up, people think it's ok to contact their former significant others? I really don't get it. When things go badly with someone I'm dating, I simply choose not to talk to them again, at least not for a significant amount of time after we've been broken up. I most definitely do not call them days, weeks or months later to "check in"...

Last night I get a text from HFM "I hope your Memorial Day weekend was better than mine was, I'm in a hotel in ------, I've been with clients all weekend". Ok. Let's rewind back to a month ago- I found out I was living in South Florida, not Miami, due to work, he freaked out because I wasn't going to be with in minutes of his winter house and I couldn't split my time between NYC and Miami with him, which made me freak out and we decided it couldn't work. I was fine with this, fine with us being done, fine with us not talking... I've moved on and I'm over it, when he decides to text me. Of course I don't respond, so he proceeds to text me again, and again I don't respond. I wake up this morning to a blinking Blackberry filled with social networking notifications that he's tagged photos of us... Together.

Maybe it's just me, but in my experience when things are done with someone they are done. As in OVER. Maybe I'm losing it, but is this behavior somehow suddenly the norm? It's like every time I move on with my life and start seeing someone else, the last person I dated is suddenly trying to be back in my life... I guess the old saying is true "we always want what we can't have"... Well, I can tell you one thing... I do know what I certainly don't want...


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Have I Gone Dating Retarded?

Wtf. Wow. I can not believe I have come to this point. Am I a complete and total idiot when it comes to my own dating life? Have I gone "dating retarded"? Am I missing all the red flags that appear when you are supposed to realize that people are complete and total assholes or am I just in a haze combined mostly of stress about moving?

All I can say is ew, ew, ew...

ICKKKK with a capital I,